Story Archive

These stories are written under ‘Esther Ariel’ (my name here) or ‘Hila Katz’ (the name I go by elsewhere). If you’d like to contact me about my writing, you can reach me at writehilakatz (at); I’m also on Twitter sometimes.

Inspired by the City of Possibility

Seen But Not Heard – a story in five parts, inspired, in small part, by a visit to the Children’s Park. Opening lines: As Officer Calvin Petersen guided his police cruiser down leafy suburban streets, his inner child, Little Cal, rode gunshot.

What’s Your Role in an Abusive Drama? – not a work of fiction, but asks you about certain stories enacted in your life; inspired, in part, by a visited to the Museum of Mental Maladies.

Written outside the city

An Unexpected Descent – starts with two young brothers, home alone, and the older one gets an idea. Published in Bartleby Snopes.

Human After All – an isolated woman makes a connection for the first time following a horrific injury. Published at Front Porch Review.

Coughing Through Shostakovich – a violinist’s performance goes so wrong in some ways, but so right in others. Published at Subtle Fiction.

Seven Incarnations of a Spinster – best read it and see what these are. Published at Word Riot.

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