Kilter Street Neighborhood

Kilter Street winds its way up a hill located in what some say is a seedy part of The City of Possibility. Towards the top of the hill, the street ends at Kilter Street Manor Apartments.

In addition to Kilter Street Manor Apartments, what else will you find on Kilter Street?

The Feral Woods

The Feral Woods covers most of the hill on which Kilter Street is located.

Property owners on Kilter Street have put up sturdy fences to keep the woods and its creatures from encroaching. For the most part, these are ordinary creatures: squirrels, rats, frogs, street cats, wild dogs, foxes.

There are also rumors of other life forms in The Feral Woods.

The Sunny Tortoise Senior Living Facility

The facility’s logo is a grinning tortoise reclining on a lounge chair with a book and a pina colada. “Longevity never felt better!” the tortoise says in a cartoon dialogue bubble.


An independent bookshop with an unseen proprietor who occasionally leaves customers tasks or quests to complete, along with lists of book recommendations.