Kilter Street Manor

I’m Esther Ariel, a writer. At the behest of HKatz (my alter ego of sorts), I moved into a studio apartment in the attic of Kilter Street Manor, located on Kilter Street in the City of Possibility.

You’ll find Kilter Street Manor Apartments at the dead end of Kilter Street, a narrow road that winds up a hill in the City of Possibility.

A Victorian mansion converted to a set of more-or-less modern apartments, Kilter Street Manor stays afloat thanks to the sheer enthusiasm and force of will of its landlady, Zeb.

(For a historical overview of the manor, click here.)

Current Residents & Layout

Ground Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor

Zeb’s office/aptLibraryConservatory
MailroomComputer nookVending machine
East Wing Apartments
1a (Anjelica Lopez)
1b (Dora)

2a (G.S. Frisch)
2b (Sigrid)

3a (Eben & Lewis)
3b (Hugh Silver)
West Wing Apartments
1c (Mrs. Selby)
1d (Howard & whoever wants to split the rent)

2c (Hank & Ivy)
2d (Mario, Michiko, Max & Mika)

3c (John)
3d (Elana Elisa & Hubby)

The Attic

There are a couple of studio apartments in the attic. Yours truly is in one of them. The other appears vacant for the time being.

Some corners of the attic are still a mystery. But Zeb has turned one section into a small WW2 museum (as a tribute to part of the manor’s history). She’s also set up a telescope at the front, northern-facing window. She refers to the telescope as the “Kilter Street Observation Deck.”

The Basement

There’s a laundry room in the basement, and a rec room where residents can play foosball, ping-pong and table hockey.

There’s also a locked door that no one talks about. It’s probably a utility closet.

Secret Passages

These are really living up to their name. Maybe they don’t even exist. But what old Victorian mansion doesn’t have secret passages?

The Grounds

Carriage House
The old carriage house out in back has been converted into a living space for tourists or other short-term renters.

Communal Posts

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