The City of Possibility

The City of Possibility is presumably in the US on the Atlantic Coast. It’s an intemperate city in a temperate climate zone.

I live on Kilter Street (more specifically, Kilter Street Manor Apartments). But there’s a lot more going in the city. As I find out about notable new places, I’ll add them here.

Cultural Goodies

Merriwether A. Rackett Modern Art Museum: Six out of ten art critics agree that the MARMAM is worth every dollar of its admission price.

Museum of Mental Maladies: The MMM explores many topics in the checkered history of psychiatry and neuroscience. In response to popular demand, there’s now also a small exhibit on mental wellness.

City Folk Art Museum: Wide selection of folk art, from masterful quilts to decorative flails. (Rumor has it there’s also a secret wing of magical artifacts.)

Creative Outlet Mall: Want to learn novel-writing? Or basket-weaving? Or how to write fragments of poetry you’ll never show anyone? Check out our classes and events.


City Hall: Tours of this impressive historical structure are available on weekdays between 10 and 11, and every third Sunday at 4. On Tuesdays, if you’re lucky, you’ll spot the bureaucrats hard at work. Don’t miss out on the rest of the Government Plaza, including the Embassy Hive and the Statue of Ozymandias.

Parks & Gardens

Periphery Park: Large, partly wild park on the borders of the city.

Children’s Park: Full of imaginative wonders, including the not-so-secret garden and a giant fridge where kids can put up artwork.

Local Businesses

Nicey Nice Knick Knacks: Offers craft supplies, collectibles and devout lawn ornaments.

Armchairs Away: Travel agency specializing in virtual tours.

Blaze & Fade: Tattoo parlor.

Typo Stone: Novelty store where everything’s typo-centric. Currently on sale: OK Coral.

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Unsanitary Annie’s: Fun, family-run restaurant following the popular new “faux gross” trend.

Haunted House: No one knows who owns and operates the Haunted House, only that one visitor dies in there every year. Basement café serves dinner nightly and a Saturday afternoon tea.

Cranky Abner’s Movie Emporium: Abner will show movies he doesn’t like and provide you with drinks to get through them. Stick around after each screening for a lively discussion session.

Crescent Moon Café: Menu changes with the phases of the moon.