Kilter Street Profiles: Hugh Silver

Hugh Silver, of apartment 3b, is the “Neuro Guru.” Or at least he was, years ago.

Origins and Appearance

He’s middle-aged and has a pale, tired look to him, though he’s in good shape overall. He wears a mustard yellow sweatband on his head, and his salt-and-pepper hair sticks out over it. His eyes are blue-gray and watery; sometimes they’re bloodshot.

Why is he nicknamed the “Neuro Guru?” Years ago, he had worked as a motivational speaker or a life coach, using the secrets of the brain to give people tips about happiness and success.

That isn’t his job anymore. I know that he works at least part time at the Museum of Mental Maladies as a tour guide.

Impressions of His Character

He struggles with futility
His 8 good reasons for living

Hugh Attends an Unusual Self-Help Meeting

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