Kilter Street Profiles: Elana Elisa

Elana Elisa thinks I’m harmless. I don’t doubt that behind my back she’ll say unflattering things about me. But she’ll also confide in me, because I’m discreet and inoffensive to her.

Origins and Appearance

She’s middle-aged with short, curly dark hair. Her favorite outfit is a turquoise tracksuit. She generally favors tracksuits, though she isn’t given to exercising much. Her skin is pale, and she’s told me she dislikes sunlight.

She was born in Florida.

Her Character

Elana Elisa loves gossip. She runs a few popular websites including The Daily Outrage, The Weekly Scold, and the The Monthly Gasp. What Are My Neighbors Up To? is another one.

Elana Elisa dishes out the dirt on all her neighbors (2/2015).


She’s married to Hubby (that’s what he calls himself, cheerfully enough).

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