Kilter Street Profiles: Hank and Ivy

Hank and Ivy are married and share many interests. They’re independent and intertwined, mapping out a shared life of love and nerdy pursuits.

Both are in their early 30s. Ivy has a Mexican American mother and African American father. Hank has an African American mother and Irish American father. Both of them have dark hair that they occasionally dye blue, purple, or green, as the mood strikes.

Their chief passion is creating and playing computer games. Additional interests: gardening, making and wearing costumes, and playing board games and capture the flag. They’re big on role-playing of all sorts. As far as work goes, both their jobs involve programming, I think; they don’t talk much about their work.

Currently, Ivy is pregnant.

Some of Their Differences

From what I’ve seen, Hank has a stronger tendency to get stressed out and be pessimistic. Ivy is more prone to flights of fantasy, with amazing ideas as a result, though not all of them can be effected within the limitations of this world. (But do we fully understand the limits of this world?)

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