Kilter Street Profiles: John

John, from Apartment 3c, can always get the elevator at Kilter Street Manor Apartments to work for him. It’s reluctant or uncooperative for everyone else, but not for him. Maybe because he has a sunny disposition. He’s always smiling, but somehow without seeming creepy.

He’s an event planner who specializes in themed parties. Zeb also regularly consults with him about the apartment building’s communal get-togethers; he’s good at stretching a limited budget.

Some people doubt that he can be a good event planner, because he is legally blind. But he does well.

As for his appearance: he’s got a medium build and medium height, pale skin and thick brown hair. Nothing about his looks is really remarkable, except for his smile. Which again, isn’t creepy, not exactly, though it does sometimes make people wonder what there is to smile about so much.

Kilter Street Profiles: G.S. Frisch

Gilbert Sullivan Frisch, who lives in Apartment 2a, doesn’t like Gilbert & Sullivan’s music, though his adopted parents do, very much. He turned up in their living room, as a baby, no one knows from where. A recording of The Pirates of Penzance was playing at the time.

He likes to go by G.S. Frisch. Or Gil, call him Gil. Not Gilbert, or Sully.

Gil is a tall, balding man with a pleasant, good-looking face and a peaches and cream complexion. He’s in his mid to late 30s. The first impression he gives is of a man who’s nice but not particularly confident.

He currently works as a security guard at the City Folk Art Museum. He used to be a social worker.

Kilter Street Profiles: Hank and Ivy

Hank and Ivy are married and share many interests. They’re independent and intertwined, mapping out a shared life of love and nerdy pursuits.

Both are in their early 30s. Ivy has a Mexican American mother and African American father. Hank has an African American mother and Irish American father. Both of them have dark hair that they occasionally dye blue, purple, or green, as the mood strikes.

Their chief passion is creating and playing computer games. Additional interests: gardening, making and wearing costumes, and playing board games and capture the flag. They’re big on role-playing of all sorts. As far as work goes, both their jobs involve programming, I think; they don’t talk much about their work.

Currently, Ivy is pregnant.

Some of Their Differences

From what I’ve seen, Hank has a stronger tendency to get stressed out and be pessimistic. Ivy is more prone to flights of fantasy, with amazing ideas as a result, though not all of them can be effected within the limitations of this world. (But do we fully understand the limits of this world?)

Kilter Street Profiles: Mrs. Selby

Does Mrs. Selby have a first name? Her mailbox just says ‘Selby,’ and to be honest, I can’t imagine her with a first name. She seems like she was born Mrs. Selby. (Selby being the name of her second husband, I think.)

Mrs. Selby is old. How old? I don’t know. I’ve heard people wishing her happy birthday on different dates, and she seems to just absorb multiple birthdays as if they’re nothing.

She’s a beautiful woman. Not a magazine beauty, but beautiful in the way of an old china gravy boat or a lace doily. She can talk about almost anything: The weather, the flowers on her windowsill, what she tells her flowers when they’re dying on her. She talks about the mice and squirrels that live in the walls. She’s heard ghosts in the corridors of our apartment building. She tells me about her childhood, her jolly drunk father, her mother who never smiled. She describes books she reads, written by outdoorsy folk who wax poetic about the tawny hides of fawns in dappled woods. She watches black-and-white movies and spoils the endings for me. She watches soap operas and fills me in on which pair of amnesiacs made love last week on a hospital bed or a bearskin rug. I know all of the pet peeves of both her late husbands. As a rule though, she never talks about her only child, who died when he was twenty.

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Kilter Street Profiles: Sigrid

Origins & Appearance

Sigrid, of Apartment 2b, has an ethereal beauty – she’s willowy with white-blonde hair, blue eyes, an aura of calm. She doesn’t say much, and I can imagine that people project a lot onto her (I know I started to, and had to catch myself – probably I’ll need to keep catching myself). They read in her what they want to see. I want to know what she sees.

She manages the arts programs at The Sunny Tortoise Senior Living Facility. Her sense of style tends towards pastels, artistic jewelry, things that are floaty, soft, and colorful.

Around Sigrid’s Home

Her fairy Christmas tree

Four Languages Sigrid Dips Into on Duolingo

Stories Inspired by Sigrid

When Linda Sketched the Dead

Kilter Street Profiles: Elana Elisa

Elana Elisa thinks I’m harmless. I don’t doubt that behind my back she’ll say unflattering things about me. But she’ll also confide in me, because I’m discreet and inoffensive to her.

Origins & Appearance

She’s middle-aged with short, curly dark hair. Her favorite outfit is a turquoise tracksuit. She generally favors tracksuits, though she isn’t given to exercising much. Her skin is pale, and she’s told me she dislikes sunlight.

She was born in Florida.

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Kilter Street Profiles: Howard

Howard is a grad student. Often, I see him roaming the basement laundry room in pajama bottoms and a faded t-shirt, a far-off look in his eyes.

Origins & Appearance

Howard is slender and athletic, with dark hair and eyes. He’s in his mid-20s.

His mom’s side of the family is Korean. On his dad’s side, his grandparents are a US military veteran and a woman from the Philippines. Howard himself was born in Mexico (to vacationing parents who didn’t expect him to arrive a month before his due date).

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