City of Possibility Location: Museum of Mental Maladies

From its origins in the 19th century as a zoo displaying asylum patients, the Museum of Mental Maladies has come a long way. Now it’s housed in a magnificent structure that resembles a brain separating out into different lobes. This is a visual symbol of the various psychological and neurological problems exhibited at the museum.

Some City of Possibility residents have protested the use of the expression “mental maladies,” as it’s slightly old-fashioned and because the museum has broadened its scope somewhat. In recent years, it has set aside some space for a Mental Wellness Wing devoted to exhibits on improving psychological health.

The museum also has a Community Atrium where support groups can meet and people can share (out loud or in writing), their thoughts on various problems.

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City of Possibility Location: The Creative Outlet Mall

In the City of Possibility, an old warehouse has been converted into a Creative Outlet Mall. All kinds of creative classes get taught there.

The more popular ones are hosted in spacious seminar rooms with large windows and comfortable chairs. The less popular subjects get taught up in the rafters, in cold and filthy corners.

Events at the Creative Outlet Mall

16th Annual One-Day Romance Writing Workshop

A History of Kilter Street Manor



Kilter Street Manor is a Victorian mansion of the kind that Edgar Allan Poe would have loved. He would have buried people alive in there left and right.

The mansion initially belonged to a family of wealthy deviants. The last of the bunch was a psychiatrist who had kept an assortment of unwilling patients under his roof. When he was finally killed by a mob, the house was abandoned until World War II. Then it was used to store dummy tank parts and serve as a rest home for wounded carrier pigeons.

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